Drupal 9 is Coming, we’re ready

Drupal 9 is set to be released in June 3rd 2020 and the upgrade process couldn’t be easier. We have been using Drupal since 2007 and always early users so we can provide our clients the best experience but Drupal 9 makes upgrading even easier from its predecessors. It does that by Drupal 9 being built on top of Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 was built on top of a lot of PHP dependencies and brought a lot to the table. The dependencies like Symfony, Twig and Guzzle have their roadmap which will counteract with the Drupal’s releases which can cause problems.


When can you start using Drupal 9?

Drupal 9 is ready for development and you can download and start testing it today, Drupal 9.0.0-alpha1. Starting early as stated above allows the Responsab team to get used to the release and be able to upgrade all our clients to it when ready. Plus. Drupal 8 will reach the end of life (EOL) at the same time as Symfony 3 which which is around November 2021. Existing Drupal 8 sites will have a year and a half to upgrade to Drupal 9.


What to look for in Drupal 9?

From one developer with close access to the roadmap: “These three things are really the entire focus of the initial Drupal 9.0.0 release — updating dependencies, smoothing the update from Drupal 8, and removing deprecations”. Drupal 9 will have all the same features of the last Drupal 8 release but will be ready to provide fixes and support every 6 months or so. But the great thing is, every website we build after the Drupal 9 release will no longer be in Drupal 8.

We are ready!

The Responsab team is excited about the new version of the platform and we will be ready day 1 providing support and building site for our clients.

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