Ways to Improve Your Website SEO

As a business, you don’t just stop your digital journey after designing your company website and creating your social media accounts. There is the need for proper SEO. You might be wondering what this means. Don’t worry we have you covered.

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a page in a search engine’s organic result. Optimizing your website for Search Engine says a lot about your current rank on search engine results.

But why is this important to your business?

Search Engine Optimization is of optimum importance to any business looking to dominate their market space or industry. Just like there is competition for authority in your industry, there is also the competition to come top in search engine results, and SEO has a lot to do with who comes top in this battle.

So, we can say optimizing your website for SEO is very important. But how do you go about this? We have compiled a list of suggestions to help you improve SEO while increasing your rank on search engine results.

Ways to Improve Your Website SEO

Post Industry-Relevant Contents: Quality over quantity- that’s one of the most important rules for SEO. Posting quality contents that are relevant to your industry and target audience will directly increase website traffic which in turn improves your authority and market relevance.

We advise that you identify and target one primary keyword per page. To do this, you should imagine what your target reader or audience might search for in that page, then repeat severally- once or twice in the opening paragraph and up to 4 times in the body of the content.

Update Regularly: Search engines take content upload seriously. This means when you post contents with regularity, search engines see it as an indicator of relevancy and thus pushes your website higher on search results.

However, never upload contents that are not relevant to your niche just to maintain your consistency. It affects your SEO negatively.

Use Metadata: During the website design process, each page is expected to have a <head> tag where you can insert metadata (information about the content in that page). However, for those using content management websites, your design team will have those sections pre-populated. So, feel free to check and make changes were needed to ensure you have the right tags.

Use Alt Tags: When posting images or videos, you should endeavour to describe them using the alt tag or alternative description. They allow search engines to better understand the structure of your website, identifying where texts and images are located. It also benefits readers using text-only browsers.

Search Engine Optimization is quite complex- especially for newbies. However, with the list above, you should be able to make some steps forward. At Responsab we offer a professional SEO upgrade service that helps our clients rank higher on search engine results while growing their brand exposure and audience reach.

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